Wait for the Official Count of KPU, Allow God\\
Pilkada Damai

By Aministrator 28 Jun 2018, 12:34:47 WIB Daerah
Wait for the Official Count of KPU, Allow God\\

Keterangan Gambar : Sudrajad & Timses Asyik Saat Jumpa Pers

West Java Flow. Pilkada 2018 simultaneously has been completed, generally runs safely, as well as for the province of West Java. In the interim data based on the results of fast count couples Ridwan Kamil & Uu Ruzhanul Ulum Unggul and the second sequence occupied by the pair Asyik No.3.

In a press release Wednesday night (27/6) which is conveyed by Sudrajad accompanied by Ahmad Syaikhu with his timses. This is conveyed before the press people. Sudrajad said, "I ask the sympathizers, cadres, volunteers and citizens of West Java as well as party supporters Gerindra, PKS, PAN, IDAMAN, BERKARYA That the vote count is not final The results in the fast count pattern can not be an absolute reference. claiming himself to be the winner We must be patient to wait for the official counting from the West Java Provincial KPU.

"75000 more TPS se Jabar still not all of them are counted and the ballots are still many who have not counted.When we are khiatmat on Allah SWT with worship and prayers on His.Hope Allah provide help through the prayers of his servants Sholeh the scholars and habaib, I am sure if here and there cheating Allah will reveal and dismantle with Alloh own way (Accompanied by the voice of Takbir) ".

While the information obtained from the Chairman of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu), Abhan revealed as many as 2,400 sheets of ballots suddenly disappeared before the vote. As a result, voting in four polling stations was delayed. "In West Java there was the incident of losing ballot papers in four polling stations, in Kabupaten Cirebon, the number of missing ballots was about 2,400," Abhan told reporters in his office (27/6).

According to Abhan, the loss of ballot papers occurred on Wednesday morning or just hours before the ballot. "The loss was only this morning, and the ballot papers should have been in four polling stations this morning because the vote in four polling stations can not be done," he explained.

Upon this incident, Bawaslu has been in communication with the central KPU to perform a number of anticipatory measures. Bawaslu also asked the local kecamatan voter (PPK) committee to immediately report the incident to the police.

"I ask KDP to report the police and we will investigate, what kind of incident until the ballot can be lost," Abhan said.
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